is a project aimed to provide data sourcing information available online. Whether the format in  text, spreadsheet, xbase, mysql, sql server, etc. 

If you have other sample data that can be helpful to others please suggest to us through this "Suggest A Sample Data" page.

Below are lists of popular samples and some other sample datasets we've got from several websites.

Popular Samples

  • AdventureWorks - a sample that used extensively in many Microsoft database product. You can see the detail of the project page here.
  • Sakila - a database sample developed by MySQL team demonstrating MySQL capability. Visit the sample page here.
  • Classic Models - a sample database from Eclipse Foundation's Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) project. They have Apache Derby and MySQL format downloadable in BIRT site.
  • Northwind - Northwind trader sample database from Microsoft. You can download the sample data for SQL Server 2000 and MSDE format from Microsoft download page.
  • Pubs - Microsoft sample database shipped with Northwind. Download from Microsoft's site.

Other Samples